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Ling – Molva Molva

Ling fishing is carried out year-round. Fresh and fillets are the main products but it is also available in salted varieties. Ling is low in fat and is a good source of protein and selenium.

Quick Facts

Can Be FrozenCan Be Frozen
Good On a BBQGood On a BBQ
Origin: NorwayOrigin: Norway

The ling is a bottom-dwelling cod fish that belongs to the rockling family. It can be found at depths ranging from 60 to 1000 meters, but it is most frequent at around 350 meters. The flavor is similar to cod, and the flesh is relatively solid, making it ideal for grilling, frying, and poaching.

Main catching season



Fishing methods

Ground lines, ground net


Grading fresh and frozen
Mix, -2kg, 2-4kg, 4kg+