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Saithe – Pollachius Virens

Saithe fishing is done all year long. The main goods are fresh and fillets, however dried saithe is also available. Saithe is low in fat and high in protein, vitamin B12, and selenium.

Quick Facts

Can Be FrozenCan Be Frozen
Good On a BBQGood On a BBQ
Origin: NorwayOrigin: Norway

The saithe is a bottom-dwelling fish that swims in shoals as well as a pelagic fish. It can be found at depths ranging from 0 to 300 meters. It has a distinct flavor, and the flesh has a strong texture. As a result, it is ideal for frying, grilling, and poaching. The saithe is a commercially important species in Norway, and it is fished along the entire coast north of stad



Main catching season

January and May – October


Fishing methods

Trawling, long line, net


Grading FAS
-1.2kg, 1.2-2.3kg, 2.3kg+


Grading fresh
Mix, -1kg, 1-2kg, 2-4kg, 4kg+