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Horse Mackerel(Trachurus trachurus)

Whole round (WR, WHG), frozen in blocks or IQF, landfrozen or seafrozen

H&G (landfrozen or seafrozen), H&G (headed, gutted)

Fillets – single cut / flaps, skin on, frozen in 20 kg blocks, packaged in  cartons

Can Be FrozenCan Be Frozen
Good On a BBQGood On a BBQ
Origin: NorwayOrigin: Norway


The Horse mackerel (Scombrus scombrus) belongs to the Scombridae family and is one of the most important commercially harvested species in the world. The average size of an Atlantic mackerel ranges from 20 to 45 cm and weighs 200-650 grams. The Horse mackerel can be found in both the western and eastern parts of the North Atlantic. In 2019, the annual catch of Atlantic mackerel totaled more than 1.2 million tons. Horse mackerel is smoked and is a significant raw ingredient in the preserve and canning industries.

H&G / Full Round
Sizes H&G: 250, 300, and 350 grams
Sizes 200-400, 300-500, 400-600, 500+, 600+ grams for the entire round
IQF / Frozen Block
Carton packaging

Catching methods

Trawls, seine, line hooks