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Monkfish – Lophius Piscatorius

Monkfishing is done all year, primarily in the counties of Mre og Romsdal and Sogn og Fjordane. The primary items are rash or frozen, skinned and headless or as fillets. Monkfish is high in protein and includes some vitamin A.

Quick Facts

Can Be FrozenCan Be Frozen
Good On a BBQGood On a BBQ
Origin: NorwayOrigin: Norway

The monkfish is a type of bottom-dwelling fish in the goosefish family. It can be found off the coast of Norway, both close to shore and at depths of 600 meters. The white monkfish flesh has a solid texture similar to chicken and beef. This makes the flesh more resistant to high heat. It is ideal for poaching and frying. The monkfish is currently considered a culinary delicacy of the sea.

Main catching season



Fishing methods

Ground net, trawling, ground line


Grading FAS tails
Ocean run, (average 1.3kg)


Grading fresh
-4kg, 4kg+, 6kg+, 8kg+ 12kg+